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the sun came out today and it was beautiful.
sometimes we just need to be reminded that there is sun behind the storm clouds and that a new day is coming soon.


it might sound silly, but i’ve found myself missing home after the news of Roger Abbott’s death.
even complete strangers can be a big part of our personal history. 
may God rest that great actor’s soul.

apparently, contrary to my dillusions of quietness, i talk a lot. like, really a lot. 
i miss having a voice. stupid virus.

everything about today was different than i wanted-
especially the part where i laid on the couch all day thanks to a nasty viral infection.
he tells me that it was the way he wanted to spend today anyways (except the virus part).

some days are just meant for family and friends to be together sharing in celebration, laughter, and heart-to-heart moments.

we didn’t really get a chance to celebrate together today- it will have to wait until monday.
that doesn’t change the fact that I am thankful beyond words description for his 30 years of life so far.

a customer at work told me that her most hated errand was grocery shopping. i didn’t even know that was possible…
it’s usually one of the best parts of my week.

i am glad that the men in my life don’t seem to mind when i come home from work too tired to accomplish anything.
dinner is still a thought process.

a tea for everything

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