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Don’t worry, we are still very much alive and well here in our little apartment. Apparently Wordpess didn’t publish and promptly lost my last 3 or 4 posts- and I didn’t notice until this morning!

More words to come soon.



It’s a cold and grey afternoon here in Portland. My mood is matching perfectly. Gary, who gave up cuddling with me a few hours ago, sits quietly on the back of the couch. I swear he is watching the TV as much as I am- can’t blame him, M*A*S*H is pretty much the best show ever. The laundry is done but not yet folded. The dishes are done but not yet put away. Errands are all finished but there is a lingering sense of forgetfulness.

On Sunday, we returned home from a few days away at camp. In a whirlwind 4 days, Lucas and I had the privilegde of spending time with a bunch of Teens, teaching, playing, caring, and praying. It was an eye-opening time, stirring my heart towards intentional ministry again. By the time we arrived home on Sunday, I felt thrown back into life with a 5 hour evening shift at work. Even early this morning, I felt like I was still trying to make heads and tails of the last week.

To say the least, I was happy to have today off work in order that I might catch up on necessities such as laundry, errands, and the like. It felt oddly good to get back to daily life.  Right in the middle of my errands, Lucas and I got a call from our agent saying she had a job for us this afternoon. It paid extremely well, we would both be featured, and Lucas could get off work in time. It seemed perfect. It seemed like a gift. We rushed around, excited,  trying to get all the details straight for an hour only to be called and told that they had made a mistake. They wanted another couple, not us.

When Lucas and I signed up for a life in the arts we knew that we had to expect days like this one. We knew that it would be difficult being judged on our very beings- its all about looks and sound sometimes. We knew there would be days of disapointment. We simply knew what we were getting into.  Sadly it doesn’t make it hurt any less. So now, I am sitting on the living room floor next to the unfolded pile of clean laundry wondering how we will get past this disapointment even though I know that it will be like all the others. A year from now I probably wont even remember that today happened. It’s just hard to feel unwanted somedays- even if it is by a stranger.


Over the years, I have learned a lot of things from my mum. She is really quite an incredable woman- and I am not just saying that because she is my mother, but because it is true. If I were to try to compose a list of all the things mum I learned from her, we might be here all day. Among the top five, in no particular order, are:

1. Singing is a vital part of life- rarely is there a need for musical instruments to accompany.
2. Even the simplist meals can be the best (Spanish rice anyone?)
3.  Black and white are colours, few matters of life and faith are that clear.
4. It is good to see things through to completion- even if it is a degree or a cross-stitch rooster.
5. Always (always!) clean the house before you leave for vacation.

Number five is on my mind today, though we are not exactly leaving for vacation. Tomorrow, Lucas and I will drive out to the church camp in eastern Oregon to spend a week with some pretty amazing teens. I haven’t been to camp since before we married 3 years ago and I miss it. Last we heard, we are both slotted to be counselors for the 4-day camp and, as you can probably imagine, I am currently all mixed up with excitement and nervousness. Mostly its excitement. And, though I doubt this was one of the things my mum intended, to stave off the nervousness I am cleaning our apartment. Besides, this place has become a mess lately in part due to packing and in part due to the sheer volume of busyness we have endured.

I am sure that I will be thanking my mum on Sunday when we return to a clean apartment.

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