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It has been  an oddly chilly July morning here in Portland. By the time I sat down here at the computer I had already finished the grocery shopping and spent about 30 minutes trying to decide what really needs accomplishing today. With few projects coming to mind -other than the quilt with which I am currently not on speaking terms, I settled down to cyber space. After the usual list of distractions were taken care of, I quickly realized that I have been neglectful of this lovely little blog.

Some the neglect has been intentional, some has not.

Under the category of intentional: I have been contemplating what sort of blog I really want this to become. It has started as a personal blog, but I am consdering a switch to a more public sort of work with focus on quilting and other sort of crafty things. For a while now I have been reading a lot of other crafting blogs intended for public audience and I am a huge fan. I will keep you updated as to what I decide- mostly I am just not sure if that is what I really want.

Other than that, I guess that I am just really happy right now. Lucas and I seem to have passed through some sort of stage in living together and have hit a stride. Everything seems more natural and smooth. Life is simply good.

In fact, Lucas and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary last week. We had the most perfect day. We slept in a little then I made french omlettes for breakfast before we headed out to the library. After an hour of wandering through the bookshelves, Lucas and I picked up free passes to the Japanese Gardens (an awesome perk of having a library card in our county). The afternoon was split between doing the tourist thing at the Japanese gardens and doing the local lay-on-a-quilt-and-read-thing in the rose gardens. We ended the day with a fantastic steak dinner at Echo and a couple of hours killing zombies at the nickel arcade. Three great years so far, and many more to come.



I knew this would happen. I have been trying to tell myself for months that it would not, but I really didn’t even succeed at fooling myself. Is that sad?

Here’s the problem: every time I find myself void of deadlines, I lose my head.

Yesterday was my first solo day-off after having finished school and done about all the reveling in new-found freedom a person can take. By 2pm I had finished a long list of projects that have been taunting me since april. The list includes but is not limited to: putting up mosquito netting on our balcony, moving furniture onto said balcony, re-organizing all the closets, finishing laundry, hanging paintings, creating a fabric panel to hide the tv wires, and bathing Gary. Yesterday, I felt accomplished.

This morning, at 3:45am as I got up and dressed for work, I had the nagging suspicion that today might pose a problem. When I finished work at 10am, I attempted to be overly optimistic about what would happen in the hours before sundown. I planned a trip to the local library- somewhere I had never been.

The library was great. Really great. But it only took me an hour. And here is where the problem began. In one hour, I had accomplished everything I wanted to for an entire day. I am bored already.



I had the best day.

Free from the terrible guilt of unfinished homework, Lucas and I planned to spend Canada Day away from the noise of the city.  We slept in- something that has taken on a new meaning since most of my workdays now begin at 4:15am. After getting dressed and packing the necessities into the car, we made a quick stop at starbucks and hit the road. An hour later, we arrived at Multnomah Falls.

(Photo from Multnomah Falls Lodge website)

Isn’t it beautiful? Since we had no other plans for the day than to eat a locally-grown lunch in the Lodge, we decided to take the huge loop to the top of the falls and then past another 4 waterfalls before returning to the base. Not surprisingly, this was considerably more difficult than it looked on paper. The majority of the hike was uphill- and by ‘uphill’ I mean 60 degree angle uphill. The views from each waterfall were completely worth every step. The forest was a lovely green in true Oregon fashion and beautifully quiet.

3 hours later at the base of Multnomah Falls, we sat in the sun-lit dinning room of the lodge. Lucas had a really awesome looking (and probably tasting) burger, while I had a plate filled with cheese, fresh bread, apples and Northwest smoked salmon. It was beyond words amazing. In the car, on the way home, it started to rain. Really, I could not have asked for a better day.

I could get used to having significantly fewer obligations. 


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