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There was no fanfare. I think that I kind of prefer it that way.

The fanfare can prematurely two years ago when I was allowed to wak across the stage in a cap and gown with promises uttered that I would, in fact, finish. That day, there were photos taken, music played, hugs given, family close by, dinner eaten, and thoughts of final classes to complete. That was a good day.

hooded in pink for fine arts

Today, was also a good day. A day in which the sense of completion washed over me without all the terrible goodbyes associated with leaving. Instead, I wrote an email thanking my liason at the office, attached my final assignment and pressed send. I changed my status on facebook while Gary crawled into my lap for so attention.

I have been in school since the age of three and it is finished. Soon, I will have a piece of paper to prove it.

And still, life moves on. I will spend the rest of the day cleaning the apartment, preparing for work tomorrow, making a list of things to do in my free time, and waiting for a phone call about a potential second interview. Dinner will need to be made and Gary will need petting. Funny how even on the most monumental days of life you must go on living.



Today is the birthday of a dear friend of mine, Jessy of Superlative Sewing.

One of my favoruite pictures of Jessy

We have known each other for fourteen years this autumn, and it seems that distance is no factor in our friendship. In spite of the thousand or so miles between our homes, I find myself learning from and being inspired by Jessy. Her friendship has blessed me in a great many ways over the years.

So here’s to you my friend! I hope this year ahead is the best of your life.


I now have exactly seven days to complete my undergrad. To be honest, I am feeling confident that it will all be done. Yesterday I wrote a rediculously long paper on the Kurdish people of Turkey to finish off the assignment for my class on Worldwide Perspectives. Today I have been plugging away at another monumental paper on the Theology of Kingship found in the Royal Psalms. Once that paper is finished and I do a short presentation on the two theological themes found in Psalms, there will be just one exam between me and graduation. Crazy isn’t it?

Mostly, it feels good to be nearly finished. At time though, there is this odd panic-like sensation in the back of my mind that wonders what it will be like to no longer be called a student in the formal sense. I started school when I was three-and-a-half and have taken no breaks since then. No, its not exactly an identity crisis in the making, but it is significant. Unlike many students, I have had the benifit of experiencing the ‘real world’ while finishing my last few classes, so I doubt I will be in for any major culture shock when the diploma reaches my hand. And yet, there is still this sense of unknown.

Despite being married, having an aparment, and holding a job, is it possible that I equate adulthood with the absence of homework? Will releasing the final keystrokes on my paper and pressing the send button with my mouse mean stepping through a proverbial threashold? I’m not sure.

Suddenly I will lose an entire realm of responsibility and gain a piece of paper that will let everyone know I survived. And I have seven days to do whats left.


I have been very productive today- so much so that I think it is safe to take a break and update you all a little bit. And, you know, today has been a very good day. More on that later.

Last Saturday, Lucas and I went to a friend’s wedding out on Sauvie Island. It was a spectacular day weather-wsie, and pleanty of fun. The best part: getting to watch the union of two lovely people.

Did I mention that it was a pirate wedding? Sadly my camera died on arrival and so my pictures are very limited. I was super disapointed because Lucas and I had the best costumes!

Other than that pique of excitement, my week has largely revolved around working rediculously early hours and coming home to do schoolwork until I can’t keep my eyes open any longer. I think that I may have struck a working balance of life-work-school for the time being- with only 11 days left till graduation that is a big relief. I am, however, slightly embarrassed by the copious amounts of tea that have been required to survive the week.

Today has been a particularily good day. It started with the fact that I did not have to wake up at 3:30 to go to work- any day that starts later than 5am is a good day for me. After Lucas left for work, I went out and did some errands: buying cat food, father’s day gifts, and groceries. I came home and made some delicious colslaw (for father’s day lunch), then set to work on school stuff. Lucas came home for lunch, then it was back to school until about 4pm. At that point I had finished the homework questions for 9 of the 12 chapters and decided that the last 3 chapters could wait.

That was when my phone rang. You should probably know that there are like four people who call me: Lucas, Amanda, work, and the creditors looking for the guy who had my number previously. I get the occasional texts from others, but everyone else calls me on skype because they live so bloody far away (or, I guess, I live so far away). On the other end of my phone call today was a man offering me an interview for that exciting work oppertuinity I mentioned in my last post. I am rather excited and relieved- I had thought maybe I wouldn’t get an interview since they said they would call last Tuesday and didn’t.

So yes, a very good day. When Lucas gets home from work we are going to head down to Salem to try and see The Producers. A friend of ours is in the play and we really want to support her. I say ‘try to see’ because we were unable to get advance tickets so we will be depending on the absence of two other people in order to get tickets. Here’s to hoping my good day continue!

If nothing else, Lucas and I will have a fun little adventure date!


Its been raining here in the North West for about three weeks without many days of exception. While most of the people I encounter in a day sigh and shrug their shoulders, I look out the windows and see something a little different. Now I am the first to admit that after weeks of grey a little sunshine is euphoric, but I find rain to be hopeful. Rain brings life, though I guess the sun does too. Maxwell 101: balance.

The rain has given me ample reason to remain indoors as of late- in case the looming deadline of June 30th wasn’t motivation enough.  Balance is proving to be far more difficult in these last 20 days than ever before, but it will be worth it. Right? I have been alternating between accomplishing copious amounts of homework leaving the apartment in various states of neglect and having a lovely looking apartment while my books gather dust.

When I am avoiding both, I have been working insanely early hours at Starbucks and considering a career change or so to speak. It’s too early to say much, but I have applied for a position in the Pearl district about which I am very excited. If all goes well, it would begin the day after I officially graduate from Prairie…so perfect timing. More on this later (hopefully).

Forgive my absences in the next couple of weeks. I am pretty sure that the responsible thing to do is use all my creative energy to finish papers and assignments. I am also pretty sure that my spare time could also be used to do something about the growing piles of dishes and laundry…


I made it through Job just fine. Same with Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. The notes I took were enthusiastic and the required journal entries thoughful. I actually enjoyed the whole process and would recommend it anyone. Then I came to the Psalms. Granted I was probably not thinking to clearly when I left them for almost last considering I knew they would be difficult, but I did. It took me nearly five times as long to get through that book while taking some good notes and some indifferent. Each Psalm felt like a marathon of emotions that, as a accountable reader, I felt. Now here I am at the other side of having read all 150 in succession a little worse for wear, but mostly not.

Gary and I have taken up residence on the balcony where I laid out a fluffy quilt and a few pillows next to my massive Jade plant. With the sound of my two neighbour’s competing radios and the traffic nearby, I am attempting to reflect on all those psalms I read. It is going well, though as I type this even Gary has abandoned the project in search of the affection from the newly dried laundry on the bed. Can’t say I blame him really.

I have already written four journals on different Psalms, one about hope, another about trust, yet another about redemption, and the last about a prayerful heart. Again I left the most difficult to the end- I need to stop doing that. My last entry is on the attitude of David, specifically in Psalm 109, toward his enemies. Now, I am the first to admit that it is difficult to think well of your enemies, and David had some terrible things done to him by (so-called) friends and enemies alike. I just have a hard time understanding how David could wish such terrible things on fellow human beings let alone pray to God and ask Him to do it! And yet… at least he gave all these desires to God rather than acting on them.

Later, I will move on to the final stage of this particular project: reading and reflecting on Proverbs. By then, the laundry will be done and the sun will have gone in. There will be dinner to make and time to spend with Lucas. Tomorrow is a full day for us, between church and work.


Ever have one of those days that goes completely opposite to the way you planned? Thats the day I am having and it has left me rather frustrated. Now, I know it is only 1:30, but I am having a very difficult time turning things around.

I had planned to get up early, do our grocery shopping, make breakfast for Lucas, hang out with him until work, then settle in for a productive day. By 6- when Lucas gets home from work- I would have pleanty of things crossed off my terrifyingly long to-do list.  Apparently not.

Now, I am sitting on the couch eating a microwave burrito, unmotivated thanks to a whole bunch of errands turning into a big run-around. Why did today- the day where I needed to print our headshots, have to be the day when Target’s photo centre is “temporarly out of order”? Why does Costco have to be a 15 minute drive and a 1-hour wait time for photos? Why is there no good post office nearby?

Enough complaining. So today isn’t going the greatest. There is still a lot of it left and I need to do something about it, right? Though maybe we do need to change our plans of watching the final episode of M*A*S*H tonight… too much sadness.


a tea for everything

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