My sister-in-law and I had been planning the feild trip for more than a week. We had even gone ahead to scout out the place so we could return with a plan. To go in without a plan would be dangerous- truth is, it would likely be dangerous either way.

Have I ever told you that Fabric Depot might be among my favourite places on earth?

Well folks, this weekend was their 35% off all fabric sale and it should not be resisted. My dear SIL and I went a week ago to pick our fabrics and avoid the massive temptation which is the 73000 square feet of fabric enveloped in that perfect building. It actually worked this time too! Upon our return trip, I actually left with less than I was intending to buy and money left in my budget.

Last time I was there it was to purchase the fabric for a quilt specially designed for my grandfather “Pinwheels for Poppy”- now finished and sent off. (Please excuse the terrible image quality- my camera is rebelling at the moment)

This time I went in search of some canvas for a laptop bag I am making for my sister. All in all, our excursion was successful.

Then it happened: my dear SIL suggest that, since I had a little extra money left over, we should go visit Scrap. DANGER! I had never before visited this wonderous phenomenmon of Portland. I was very unprepared.

Needless to say, all of our pre-planning went out the window and our field trip turned dangerous. But! You’ll be proud: I only exceeded my original budget by 3$!

 Besides… who could resist that pretty butterfly fabric that put me over budget anyhow?!