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I am just 33 days from graduation- a phrase that, when said honestly this time, makes me immeasurably happy. In tying up the loose ends, there was one final Biblical studies class to take and Old Testament Wisdom Literature won the toss up. As I opened the PDF file for the first time, I was unsure as to what I could expect, but having devured the majority of the cirriculum and the entirety of one textbook I can safely say that it is among my favourite non-theatre classes I have taken thus far. The journey through Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and finally Song of Songs has been enigmatic.

Today, my task is to read the book of Job from front to back in one sitting while taking notes. It is not my pressed time frame that demands this, but the syllabus. I have never read the book of Job in one sitting-nor any other OT book for that matter. The prospect is terrifying and exciting. I have read the book of Job in the past, though I was lacking in maturity and background knowledge at the time.

Off I go to my task… join me again later for updates on Job as well as the other wisdom literature books.



taken at the lava canyon- Mount Saint Helens

My sister has been visiting since last wednesday. She’s the first of my family to see our apartment and Gary without the separation of camera and screen. It has been really great having her here. As a result, I have been trying to find the proverbial balance between Mary and Martha. My desire to spend every moment possible having quality time with Jess has been butting heads with my desire to maintain a clean aparemnt, cook nice meals, and generally take care of Jess and Lucas. I am not one to boast really, but I think I have struck a good balance between the two sisters this week.

I am sad to say that Jess goes back to Canada tomorrow morning leaving the apartment quieter and me to every-day life again. There is much schoolwork to be done, cleaning to catch up on, and shifts at Starbucks to be worked. I have been thinking about a lot of things lately that I want to share with all of you, so there will be updates here too.

You know, I have had a wonderful vacation with Jess and I have a wonderful every-day life. Life is good.


My sister-in-law and I had been planning the feild trip for more than a week. We had even gone ahead to scout out the place so we could return with a plan. To go in without a plan would be dangerous- truth is, it would likely be dangerous either way.

Have I ever told you that Fabric Depot might be among my favourite places on earth?

Well folks, this weekend was their 35% off all fabric sale and it should not be resisted. My dear SIL and I went a week ago to pick our fabrics and avoid the massive temptation which is the 73000 square feet of fabric enveloped in that perfect building. It actually worked this time too! Upon our return trip, I actually left with less than I was intending to buy and money left in my budget.

Last time I was there it was to purchase the fabric for a quilt specially designed for my grandfather “Pinwheels for Poppy”- now finished and sent off. (Please excuse the terrible image quality- my camera is rebelling at the moment)

This time I went in search of some canvas for a laptop bag I am making for my sister. All in all, our excursion was successful.

Then it happened: my dear SIL suggest that, since I had a little extra money left over, we should go visit Scrap. DANGER! I had never before visited this wonderous phenomenmon of Portland. I was very unprepared.

Needless to say, all of our pre-planning went out the window and our field trip turned dangerous. But! You’ll be proud: I only exceeded my original budget by 3$!

 Besides… who could resist that pretty butterfly fabric that put me over budget anyhow?!


After a long and research filled couple of weeks, Lucas and I made the difficult decision to get Gary declawed. In the end, the choice to get him declawed came down to his personality among other things. Gary is a jealous little kitten who has been know to take a swipe at me if the computer is on my lap when he wants attention. Lucas and I are still undecided about having children, but should Gary ever become jealous of one of our hypothetical children…. you get the idea. So now, I am sitting in the apartment alone for the very first time knowing that the surgery went well and missing my little cat. Though I understand that our choice is a controversial one, it is the right one for us and for Gary. Like our vet said, it is better to do a controversial surgery that garuntees a permanent home than avoid it and have the cat end up in a shelter over something that was preventable.

I have already worked a 5 hour shift today and have cleaned the apartment. The sun is out and the weather is simply phenominal so I am sitting on the balcony with my books open this afternoon. I am working on a class called Poetic & Wisdom Literature which is stretching me in all directions intellectual, spiritual, and emotional. Today, the topic is the book of Job in all its sadness, loss, encouragement, hope, and correction.


You wouldn’t beieve the week I have had! Last weeks attempt at regular exercise went well for a while, but has been put on the back-burner on account of us having a lot of other excitement around here. Sunday right after church, Lucas drove me downtown to this hip day-spa and salon for an audition. I didn’t know that much going in except that it was for a hairshow and I would be able to set limits on what the designer could do to my long and lovely locks. I was offered the job on the spot along with 13 other girls. For the next 6 hours I sat in various places while the designer and a team of stylists cut, washed, dyed, re-dyed, and styled my hair. On Monday, I returned for another few hours of hair modification followed by make-up and wardrobe in preparation for the runway show that evening. Finally, around 2pm on Monday we arrived at Portland’s crystal ballroom a spectacular historic site set up for our show. It was breath-taking. Just a little after 6 it was time for the runway which was walked and then modeled on for about an hour and a half. Exhausting and exhilerating for sure! I felt beautiful and confident- if not a little nervous as we walked to pounding music and bright lights then later stood as the extremly talented hair designer gave a tutorial and explained all of our new hair styles. It was quite a night. I guess you are probably curious about the new look…

I like it a lot.
Now it is back to life as usual and I am happy. Tuesday our tax return came and we took a trip to ikea for a pair of bookshelves. I am very happy to have all my beloved books out of boxes and up where they can be seen and used. Seeing the books properly on display made me feel like we were finally home- something I have been struggling to feel for a long time now. That being said, over the last few days the sense of remaining has hit me like a tonne of bricks.  Since being given my green card I have felt a certain uneasiness- like someone needing to look over their shoulder- that it was merely a dream. That, at any moment, it could all be over again. And, though we can never be certain what God has in store for us, that feeling has been subsiding since Tuesday.

a tea for everything

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