We have reached the storm season in this lovely little state. Rain is the expectation, sun is the exception. I find myself happy to see the rain so long as I don’t have to drive in it on a given day. I find it somewhat profound that life continues as normal even when it is raining. There is still laundry to be done, a bed to be made, a (very vocal) cat to feed. I sit down at my computer, just like any other day, with books open and pen safely hidden from the eagle eyes of my kitten. My tea tastes the same as it did when the sun was out a few days ago though it is more satisfying somehow. I used to think rain was a disruption, but I think I was wrong. It’s just another part to life, something we will have to tell others later: we lived through as many rainy days as sunny, and made it out okay in the end.

I do not think I can put it any better than Frank and Cyril in Slings and Arrows:

CYRIL: “Because then you’ll have stories.”
FRANK: “And then you’ve had a life. You’ve had a life.”